My Skincare Journey- Acne/Aging/Pigmentation

Skincare for Acne, Aging and Pigmentation, my personal journey with many unfiltered before and after photos

New From Brandon Truaxe- The Ordinary Regimens For All Skin Types

New for 2017- The Ordinary skincare regimens from Brandon Truaxe. This post serves as good starting guide to using The Ordinary

Summer Heat Beauty Survival Tricks 

Aka how to avoid a summer spot fest if you have oily skin. Aka A few handy products and tips to keep us looking fine in the makeup melting summer heat. It’s summer and when you’re rushing about in the heat your makeup is gone before you can say “you’re glowing!”.  I quite often find…

The Konjac Sponge- The Japanese Skincare Secret 

How to use a Japanese Konjac Sponge as a facial cleanser and exfoliator I’m always up for something new to try in the bathroom and Konjac sponges are certainly new to me. They are made from the root of a crazy looking flower that grows in Japan, China and Korea. Konjac is supposed to be…