I Heart Makeup|I Heart Chocolate Rose Gold Palette|Review and Swatches 

Review and Swatches of the I Heart Chocolate Rose Gold Palette by I Heart Makeup. This is a bargain dupe of the Too Faced chocolate bar palette

Skinn Cosmetics Review|Forget Me Not Colour Corrector, Hydra Vital Eye Cream and WOW Factor Mascara

Review of Skinn Cosmetics- Forget Me Not Colour Corrector, Hydra Vital Eye Cream and WOW Factor Mascara

Gosh Copenhagen New A/W 2017 Makeup Launch

Review of the new Gosh Copenhagen A/W makeup, including the new Rose Gold Lumi Drops

Puffy Eye Remedies 

A list of Puffy Eye Remedies for banishing the dreaded eye bags. Morning puffy eyes are the bane of my life. The eyes are the windows to the soul and my windows look knackered. I’ve tried loads of stuff, expensive creams, cheap ones, all those daft hacks you read on Pinterest. While I haven’t found…

Review|Soap and Glory Supercat|Best Eyeliner Pen

My Review of Soap and Glory Supercat Liquid Eyeliner Pen in Carbon Black. With photos and swatches. Finally an Eyeliner Pen that I can get on with! I really like Soap and Glory cosmetics. I like the packaging- gold and pink with 1950s styling. I like the funny names (Sexy Mother Pucker lipgloss, Arch de Triumph…

Monochrome Makeup 

Matchy Matchy is in! Matching your lips to your nails or matching lips to cheeks or even matching lips to cheeks to eyes. My experiment today was to try a one colour face to see if I could make monochrome work, just for a bit of fun. I’ve seen it done with orange, brown, lilac,…

Bold MAC Silver Eye Makeup 

How to do a smoky eye using MAC eyeshadow in Smut and Silver Ring. When I cleaned out my makeup collection recently I found a couple of MAC single eyeshadows, they were small so they got buried under palettes. I’ve been thinking about them since I unearthed them. Today for no reason at all I…

Liquid Eyeliner-the Scoop 

A review of liquid eyeliners on the market in the Uk

Under Eye Bags begone-the quick fix I’ve always looked for?

  I’ve had some whopping under eye bags recently, I’m sure I never used to. Maybe I’m not drinking enough water and I’m getting to much caffeine. Lack of sleep definitely. When I get up my lower lids are puffy anyway. So I tried a quick fix. Everyone must have heard at some point that Hollywood…

Choose your shade of eyeshadow wisely 

I have dark brown eyes. In times gone by I have wondered why whatever eyeshadow colour I wear it always looks the same. I put on a lovely Aubergine Bobbi Brown eyeshadow this morning to demonstrate.  It’s a dark matte purple colour but on me it looks like nothing in particular-  I think it’s because…