Benefit Bad Gal Bang Mascara Review and Before and After Pics

Review and photos of Benefit’s brand new space aged Bad Gal Bang volumising mascara. You might have heard of Benefit’s much hyped new mascara. Benefit famously sent some of the bigger bloggers to the Maldives (not me, I was sent to Escentual in Cardiff bay, which was quite nice, but not the Maldives). So they’re…

Balmkind Alpine Rose and Lysine Lipbalm Review 

Review of new Balmkind lip balm with Antioxidant rich Alpine Rose and Lysine, which helps prevent cold sores

AfterSpa Face Cleansers|New to Boots UK

Review of Afterspa Cleansing range including the fantastic Magic Makeup Remover, new to Boots UK

Morris and Co Gift Collection from Heathcote and Ivory Review

Review of Heathcote and Ivory’s beautiful Morris and Co Love is Enough and Golden Lily gift collection

The Ordinary Colours Coverage Foundation Review and Swatches

The Ordinary Colours Coverage Foundation by Deciem with a 250,000 waiting list, full review with before and after pictures and swatches

Puffy Eye Remedies 

A list of Puffy Eye Remedies for banishing the dreaded eye bags. Morning puffy eyes are the bane of my life. The eyes are the windows to the soul and my windows look knackered. I’ve tried loads of stuff, expensive creams, cheap ones, all those daft hacks you read on Pinterest. While I haven’t found…

New The Ordinary Colours Foundation Sneak Peek and Colour Chart

A preview of The Ordinary’s New Colours Serum and Coverage Foundations with Swatches and Colour Chart.  Find my full review and before and after photos of Colours Coverage foundation here! I took a little visit to the Deciem store at Lamb Street, Spitalfields, London today where they’re previewing the new foundation. It was a very…

The Best Eyeliner Pencil for Creating a Smoky Eye

My favourite eyeliner- Kiko Intense Colour Long Lasting Eyeliner Pencil, my review, swatches, photos and non scientific performance test.  I’ve spoken about this marvellous product before, I know, but it bears repeating how good it is since I haven’t come across anything that comes close. I normally get it in shade 06, which is a…

Clinique Take the Day Off Makeup Remover Balm

As I said in my Last post, I felt compelled to buy Take the Day Off Makeup Remover Balm so I could get the BonusTime bag. The Clinique lady was so enthusiastic about this balm. It’s had good reviews all over the internet too. It comes in a purple plastic tub. Which on opening reveals a lard…