How To Transition From Shampoo To No Poo

My own personal journey from shampooing my hair every day to not shampooing for months. With lots of tips on how to make the transition to no poo yourself.

My Skincare Journey- Acne/Aging/Pigmentation

Skincare for Acne, Aging and Pigmentation, my personal journey with many unfiltered before and after photos

The Ordinary Cheatsheet

The ultimate guide on how to figure out the complexities of The Ordinary skincare by Deciem

New From Brandon Truaxe- The Ordinary Regimens For All Skin Types

New for 2017- The Ordinary skincare regimens from Brandon Truaxe. This post serves as good starting guide to using The Ordinary

The Best Sunscreen Products for Problem Skin

How to choose facial sunscreen for your skin type and my list of my favourite sunscreens and sun creams for the face. (Not an ad, has affiliate links) Now the sun is coming out it’s time for walks on the beach and Pimms on blankets in the park. It’s also to think about protecting your…

The Ordinary Acid Skincare Regime for All Skintypes

Guide on how to incorporate deciem the Ordinary Acid Skincare products into your beauty regimen for all skin types

Celebrity Brow Artist Tricks and Tips

Madame Wax, Cardiff has a new celebrity brow artist, I had a Bespoke Brow Treatment and grilled her for her top brow tips and tricks.  Brows are so important, they make such a difference to your appearance. Get it wrong and you can look odd or comical, get it right and you’re sitting pretty. Eye…

Puffy Eye Remedies 

A list of Puffy Eye Remedies for banishing the dreaded eye bags. Morning puffy eyes are the bane of my life. The eyes are the windows to the soul and my windows look knackered. I’ve tried loads of stuff, expensive creams, cheap ones, all those daft hacks you read on Pinterest. While I haven’t found…

Where to Find and Buy Cheap Makeup 

My list of reputable sites and shops where you can buy cheap makeup. Grab yourself an absolute makeup bargain with the help of this list- We all love a good bargain and some people can’t afford anything but a bargain. In this day and age money is tighter, you have to be cunning with your…

Botox- How it Works-Risks and Benefits

If you have been considering having Botox treatment done, this post contains everything you could wish to know about how it works, who should have it, what it can do and what could go wrong. I’ve been doing Botox (on other people that is- here’s my business page) for a few years now. I’m by…