How To Transition From Shampoo To No Poo

My own personal journey from shampooing my hair every day to not shampooing for months. With lots of tips on how to make the transition to no poo yourself.

Best Products For Curly Hair|UK|2017

How to make the most of natural curls and waves- full description of technique and how to find the best products from supermarkets, drugstores and online

New Look John Frieda Frizz Ease Review 

Review of the new look John Frieda Frizz Ease range, Forever Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner, Extra Strength Serum and 10 Day Tamer with before and after photos

Hair Is Fabric Cleansing Conditioner by Deciem 

Review of Deciem’s hair care range Hair Is Fabric Anti Frizz Cleansing Conditioner.

Bleach SuperCool Colours Tangerine Dream on Brown Hair

I used Bleach London Super Cool Colours in Tangerine Dream on my brown hair and it made for lovely copper lights. Full Review and before and after pics

Olaplex No3 Hair Perfector Review

How well did Olaplex No3 (that I got off Amazon) perform to transform my curly frizzy hair. If you haven’t heard, Olaplex is a hair treatment that is offered in salons. It has become popular recently after being recommended by celebrities like Thingy Kardashian. Olaplex gives really impressive results, the before and after pictures on Instagram…

How To Grow Back Sparse Overplucked Brows

Did you pluck your eyebrows a little too much in the 1990s? You’re not alone. Here is how I returned my brows to their former glory… The other day I appalled all my readers with graphic images of my skinny eyebrows. It is possible to grow your eyebrows back without looking at all foolish, by…

Boots Essentials Curl Crème|Review|Perfect for Defining Curls

My Review, Recommendation and “How To” of Boots Essentials Curl Crème. A perfect sleeper product for frizzy unruly curls. I have a friend who has very similar hair to mine- wavy, thick and dark. (I’d say my hair is 2c on the classification table). The only difference is that her curls always look defined and…

"Ooh That's Nice" Hairbrush by Kent

Review of Ooh That’s Nice Hairbrush by Kent. The best brush for children with knotty curly hair. I’m not one for reviewing hairbrushes. I don’t use them much. My hair is wavy so if I brush it when it’s dry it grows to the size of a hot air balloon. So I generally leave my…

Repurchase? Me? Never

A list of my favourite products that I have been tempted into repurchasing for their awesomeness. I very seldom buy any product twice. Trying out new stuff is too too tempting. Something would have to spectacular to trump that craving for novelty.  Lipstick– hell to the no, I’ve never bought the same lipstick twice. I…