Deciem- Niod vs Hylamide vs The Ordinary 

When faced with the myriad of bewildering and tempting choices that Deciem has to offer, how do you choose between Niod, Hylamide and The Ordinary?

I was lucky enough to attend a blogger event at the Deciem Store in London. The Co CEO Nicola graced us with her presence (lovely lady, totally gorgeous and down to earth) and we all spent the evening discussing my favourite topic, Deciem. 

I learnt a lot at the bloggers meet, so I thought I would fill my lovely readers in on the latest Deciem news and give a run down on the different skincare brands that reside under the Deciem umbrella.

What’s next on the horizon for Deciem- 

  • A new brand called “Abnomaly” it could be makeup? Or hair care? Or something else- I strongly suspect skincare 
  • A new matte oil free Colours foundation 
  • Sunscreen products in NIOD and The Ordinary 
  • More Vitamin C formulations and more sizes. 
  • More stores across the UK (Manchester was mentioned)

Deciem is the latin for “a sequence of ten”. The founder of Deciem Brandon Truaxe started his company in 2013 with the idea that the most efficient way to start a beauty company is by having many brands all developed under the same umbrella by the same team. It is a close knit operation and makes for swift and exciting product devleopment. From the beginning, the team at Deciem decided, in the face of all advice, that they would not bother with all that expensive advertising and marketing malarkey. Rather than pay famous models to advertise their products, their efforts go into creating cutting edge formulations. 

Under the Deciem umbrella you will find- Ab Crew (men’s grooming), The Chemistry Brand (body), Fountain (supplements), Hair is Fabric (hair- check out my review ), Hylamide (skincare), The Ordinary (skincare), NIOD (skincare), Stemm (Hair) and White Rx (skincare aimed at pigmentation).

What is the difference between The Ordinary, Hylamide and NIOD?

Deciem came about while Brandon Truaxe was working on software for the beauty industry, he noticed that some brands were producing face creams and serums and charging £100 for them, even though the active ingredient is actually very cheap to produce. 

He and his lab created a range of serums called The Ordinary that are just the active ingredient and whatever else is necessary to transport it to the skin. He cut all the extraneous costs and produced a range of skincare that has proven effectiveness and a low low price (ranging from £3.90 to £14.90). The downside of The Ordinary being that it is not a complete range of products- there is no cleanser, sun protection or moisturiser as such. It also takes some brainwork choosing which The Ordinary product to buy, when to use it and in which order. As the formulations are strong, they are not to be messed with. I spend a lot of time on The Ordinary Chatroom, there are a lot of confused people there.

is the mid range skincare brand. Hylamide has brighter packaging than The Ordinary is the first noticeable difference. The individual products are easier to understand, you get more information on the side of the box, regarding what to expect from it. 
The Hylamide range has many interesting products- a 12 hour oil blocker, photography foundation, Glow Booster, it also has a core range. Sub Q anti age is Hylamide’s anti aging serum, it contains a retinol complex, peptides and 5 forms of hyaluronic acid, polyglucuronic acid and copper lysinate. 

Some of these ingredients you will find in The Ordinary range, but in separate serums. So you can get the same sort of antiaging products in Deciem’s cheaper range but, you have to figure out yourself how to combine them. Hylamide gives you a one stop anti aging serum in a single product, with less head work and better skincare tech. Hylamide has a price range of £18-£30, so about double The Ordinary. 

The Hylamide products I have are great- the Sub Q eye serum has improved my under eye drastically. The high efficiency cleanser is my favourite cleanser at the moment. I’ve reviewed the Hylamide C25 Booster if you’re interested. Since I have a lot of skin changing from Deciem’s cheapest brand and I love what I’ve tried from Hylamide, Deciem totally have my trust. I’m really excited to see what NIOD can do for my skin. 

stands for Non Invasive Options in Dermatology. NIOD will give you more packaging, and the packaging is cool. The prices run from £20 to £130 so this is the most expensive of Deciem’s skincare. Niod is about maintaining the health of the skin with cutting edge dermatological technology. Where The Ordinary uses tried and tested ingredients, Niod has the tried and tested ingredients and the cutting edge ingredients and the first ever, just invented ingredients.  Where The Ordinary has one form of Hyaluronic Acid, Hylamide has five and NIOD has 15. You can get results without spending the max, but NIOD will give you more. The Deciem lab is constantly working on improvements to the NIOD products. When they come across something that works better, they just update the product- like a software update. 

If you ask anyone at Deciem which skincare line you should buy, they will say NIOD. Not because it makes the most profit, but because it is the best. The formulations have been pored over for effectiveness and skin tolerability. It’s what Brandon himself uses and apparently he has the skin of a toddler.

The decision really depends on your budget, all three have a lot going for them. I myself have products from all 3 lines and have had the best skin of my life since using . I have most of The Ordinary and a couple of bits from Hylamide. I bought a couple of NIOD items at the Deciem store that I’m excited to try (needless to say I will report back). I’d like to say thanks to Rebecca and Ree of ReallyRee and Deciem for having me at what was the absolute highlight of my year. 

For more information on NIOD, Hylamide and The Ordinary visit– prepare to be confused. 


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  1. Zoe Ben says:

    Thank you for this! I definitely get better results with Hylamide and NIOD than I do with TO. I imagine it’s because they are better than me at combining actives than me. IMO TO is useful when you want to add an ingredient to an already built up routine. For example, I wanted to introduce Niacinamide to mine so I combined this to SubQ Age and it works great together for me. For now, I have a mixed opinion of NIOD. Some stuffs are working amazing on my skin (the saccharide spray, MMHC and CAIS) but some stuff I am less convinced: NAAP did not do anything and I much prefer SubQ Age Eyes than the Niod version. Worse, I actually hate Niod cleansing products. Used to really love Niod’s Hydratation Vaccine but I am starting to think my pores so I am going to go back to TO’s NMF. Anyway, all this ramble to say I am not sure people are making an economy when they are buying so many products from TO (I totally understand the addiction of collecting the actives though!!).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally agree with you. I need to try more NIOD to get a fuller opinion of it but I’ve loved the Hylamide products I’ve tried, they’ve been perfect, and I could have skipped buying the whole Ordinary line and just bought the Hylamide stuff in the first place and saved myself a ton of money. Thanks for the comment 👍 x


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